Who We Are

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The Holoway Jones Law Firm offers financial institutions, developers, builders, small businesses and individuals throughout Texas a full line of legal services from its office in Sugar Land. The Firm is affiliated with Fort Bend Title, a full service title insurance office with policies underwritten by Fidelity and WFG Title Insurance.

The Firm's attorneys have combined legal experience of over sixty years. A resume of each attorney is available.

The Firm handles matters in the areas of Corporate Law, Real Estate, Banking and Creditor Representation, Estate Planning and Probate. The Firm is licensed to practice in all state trial and appellate courts, as well as appropriate federal courts. The Firm also provides local counsel expertise to other attorneys who have clients with legal concerns in Fort Bend County.

Please allow the Holoway Jones Law Firm to help you. Contact us today to discuss your situation and needs.


The Firm's priority is to help businesses large and small grow and prosper. Whether starting a new business or acquiring another company, the Firm works hand in hand with the business owner to complete transactions efficiently.


The Firm has specialized in real estate transactions and litigation for many years. The Firm's affiliation with Fort Bend Title, LLC gives it the unique capacity to handle insured transactions and legal assistance all under one roof. The Firm can assist developers with platting new subdivisions, contracting with builders, and implementing restrictive covenants.


The Firm provides services to a wide range of creditors, including banks, credit unions, mortgage companies and businesses which sell on credit. The Firm can help set up proper creditor documentation, creating a framework for sound credit transactions. If needed, the Firm can pursue delinquent accounts with a goal of maximizing the creditor's recovery.


The Firm has been helping families find answers to estate planning, probate and elder law questions for over twenty years. Clients will find a caring environment in which attorneys listen to their concerns and address their needs.


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